Talon Aerolytics announces the commercial launch of Talonview™

Talonview™ offers integrated technology, efficiency, interactivity and real-time actionable data, all delivered at the time of need. Talon Aerolytics’ live camera streaming application helps connect subject matter experts (SME) with field teams to increase efficiency and quality, through interactive, real-time communication and documentation. Talonview™ offers live video streaming, two-way communication, HD video recording, data tagged high-resolution photos, multiple session participants, and SME remote device control from anywhere in the world. Talonview™ allows participants to make annotations and voice recordings on live video and photos. At the completion of each live session, all data is edited and organized on our CCMS for access within 24 hours.
The Talonview™ application can revolutionize the cell site inspection process, driving cost down while improving actionable data collection. The intuitive user interface enhances collaboration across the organization. Don’t send anyone to a remote site again without Talonview™.

Check out the YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G47lXyxbk4
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