Splacer, Syte Look to Revolutionize Property Search Experience With New Partnership

Splacer, a technology platform that connects event organizers and property owners to undiscovered spaces, recently announced its partnership with Syte, an artificial intelligence (AI) company that powers retail tech solutions that include visual search, product recommendation and image tagging for retailers like Kohl’s.
“We are excited to be working with Syte to continue revolutionizing the way people use space,” Splacer CEO and Co-Founder, Adi Biran said in a statement. “Splacer is always looking for new and innovative ways to provide the best experience for our users, whether it’s a brand developing a consumer activation, a retailer bringing a pop-up store to life or a corporation spicing up this year’s holiday event or team meeting. This starts with the ability to search for any space imaginable in a more intuitive way, beyond the basics of locations and price.”
Splacer and Syte’s partnership will offer groundbreaking technology that will allow AI to be applied to space image recognition instead of a specific object. The combination of Splacer’s architecture and urban space experience and Syte’s AI and machine learning technologies will help enhance event organizers’ experience through advanced search capabilities. When Splacer puts Syte’s deep learning and image recognition technologies into its platform, event organizers will have a more personalized space search experience because they’ll be working with a tool that understands their needs and preferences.
“We believe that Syte technology, together with Splacer’s unique experience will change the way machines understand space,” Lior Ash, Splacer CTO & Co-Founder said. “The possibilities of this technology are endless. By understanding space as a whole, Splacer will be able to offer our clients new ways to search and locate spaces for their upcoming activities.”
“Syte’s mission is to curate a user’s experience, making every inspiration in their world immediately discoverable, from any platform,” Syte CEO and co-founder Ofer Fryman said in a statement. “We look forward to partnering with Splacer to provide users with an intuitive experience they can’t find anywhere else. The integration of our technology will enable Splacer users to better search for and identify spaces that fit everything they are looking for in a venue.”


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