Is your Building, “The Edge”

Edge computing specialist Vapor IO is staying a step ahead in the industry as it makes the edge the new design frontier for networks and data centers, reports Data Center Frontier.
The company has taken this approach because content and data are moving to the edge of the network, which could require new infrastructure to manage it. Vapor IO outlined its vision for the technical architecture to drive the next growth phase at the edge of the network. The company states is has started to deploy a network design that delivers outstanding reliability across a low latency network of colocation sites, which are tied together with wired and wireless connections. Edge Computing
Vapor IO revealed a micro modular data center that will be the foundation of its edge visions. The center will be optimized for deployments at telecom towers’ base. There will be 150kW of compute packed into an enclosure and the design will mount its round Vapor Chamber rack enclosure on a motorized turntable.
It  isn’t just Vapor IO that has its eyes on the edge computing market, either. Other business owners interested in moving content closer to its users, while improving the streaming video and gaming experience include EdgeMicro, DartPoints, DataBank and Switch. A the Internet of Things, AI and self-driving vehicles emerge, the need for data centers in new places will continue to increase.
Right now, edge computing contains many layers and strategies, but Vapor IO is moving quickly to put out its vision to a more sophisticated platform. Vapor IO plans to use cloud concepts to bring software and hardware together. The company also has partnerships with businesses that could scale quickly if necessary.
Vapor IO started working with Crown Castle, the largest wireless telecom tower provider in the U.S. so it could create an edge computing network called Project Volutus. Volutus would offer fully-managed mirco data centers at the base of cell towers. Crown Castle became a miniority investor in Vapor IO to help accelerate the project.
Two key components of the Vapor IO network included Vapor Kinetic Edge, a technical architecture that can combine multiple micro data centers into a virtual data center that can cover an entire city and Vapor Edge Module (VEM), an custom mirco modular data center design to help multi-tenant colocation environments at the base of telecom towers.
When Vapor IO looked into its edge design, the company aimed to leverage software and hardware to create a holistic approach, which used wired and wireless networks to connect the cloud and edge devices. These devices could be anything from a smartphone or self-driving vehicle. Vapor IO believes its software sets them apart from everyone else
“The edge is not a box,” said Cole Crawford, founder & CEO of Vapor IO told Data Frontier Center. “It’s a highly-interconnected suite of hardware, software and connectivity working together in concert. Our Kinetic Edge architecture and the Vapor Edge Module deliver true edge cloud by being part of a complete portfolio of products, including our flagship Vapor Chamber, all of which work together to deliver on customer needs.
“It’s not enough to provide bent sheet metal. You need to tie all of the components together with thoughtful engineering and software so you can algorithmically and autonomically orchestrate the edge.”
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