Fifth Gen Media to host 5G webinar

When it comes to 5G, we’ve heard all of the hype. We’ve seen the marketing campaigns. However, we’re still left with a number of questions like what does 5G really mean? Or is 5G the next great thing that will change our lives, or will 5G  simply roll out over time and become part of the ecosystem that we will all tap into someday?
Fifth Gen Media, publisher of Connected Real Estate Magazine, is hosting, “The Reality and Fantasy of 5G” webinar on Tuesday, March 26 at 2 p.m. (EST) to help address those questions and more. The webinar, sponsored by TeleWorld Solutions, will help landlords and major CRE players understand the timelines, products and infrastructure that need to be ready for 5G when it arrives. The session will cover the subjects leaders need to know such as what to spend now to be ready and what they’ll need to feed this new technology in the future.
Fifth Gen Media founder and CEO Rich Berliner will moderate the webinar. Wireless industry expert and thought leader Darlene Braunschweig, TeleWorld Solutions VP of Engineering Scott Robertson and TeleWorld Solutions SVP Engineering Technology and Operations Bhupinder Mann will join Berliner on the webinar.
“With so much being written about 5G in the press we wanted to present a webinar dedicated to CRE leaders and what this will mean for them. I’m going to ask the questions and get the answers that will help our participants come away with real 5G facts. “ Berliner said.
To learn more about what the future of 5G holds, click here to register for The Reality and Fantasy of 5G webinar.


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