Fifth Gen Media Releases latest issue of Connected Real Estate Magazine

New Issue

Fifth Gen Media has released the digital version of its flagship publication, Connected Real Estate Magazine, and the print edition will hit subscribers’ mailboxes in the next week
 This highly anticipated edition of Connected contains articles written by Fifth Gen Media’s staff as well as industry experts, covering all of the hot topics in wireless such as fiber, 5G, CBRS, cybersecurity, telemedicine and more. Every feature is geared to help commercial real estate owners better understand the ever-evolving Connectivity and technology world, and how they can harness and leverage tech to further there appeal to tenants.
Connected Real Estate Magazine has become a de Facto encyclopedia for landlords, tenants and others in Commercial real estate to find information about all things “Connected”.  We hope that CRE leaders will use this magazine and our previous editions to research and understand how they can use connectivity to further their proptech ambitions.
Throughout the publication, readers will find a number of highlights, including T-Mobile Vice President Bob Vorlicek’s “A View From the Top” article, “The Key to Smart Cities.” Meanwhile, Silverstein Properties’ VP of Information Technology Saleem Baksh shares his thoughts on end-to-end solutions for building connectivity in his “A View From the Top” article, “Convergence is the New Black.”
Additionally, Connected’s latest issue will feature stories on how CRE owners can increase their buildings’ value with wireless coverage, inform them on what they need to know in terms of their property meeting public safety requirements and reveal how in-building cellular reception can be improved in multi-use buildings in the cover story written by Nextivity, Inc. Senior Director of Products, Joe Schmelzer.
As Fifth Gen Media releases this informative issue, the team is already starting to work on the next book, and sales are open. To advertise in Connected or subscribe to the publication, call 973-244-5868 or click here.

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