Fifth Gen Media, Dense Networks team up to benefit CRE

Fifth Gen Media and its flagship publication Connected Real Estate Magazine recently announced its partnership with Dense Networks, a social think tank that studies and consults on the technology architectures, business models and action plans enabling the process of “Getting to Smart.”

The partnership was formed to help promote the Connected Cities Tour that Dense Networks produces. These events will be beneficial to anyone who wants to learn about the Digital Ecosystem, especially Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Public Safety, and Intelligent Transportation Solutions. The Connected Cities Tour will be held in multiple cities so interested parties can attend the events locally.

“I am extremely pleased to be able to help Peter Murray with the important message that he has been carrying,” Connected Real Estate Magazine publisher Rich Berliner said. “His events dovetail so well with the message that our print and digital media bring to the commercial real estate and municipal markets. There is a natural fit as we both are discussing many of the same ideas such as connectivity, Internet of Things, small cells, fiber, CBRS and so many more topics that are important to life in cities today.

Connected Real Estate Magazine has become the go-to information source on how connectivity is increasing value for commercial real estate properties,” Dense Networks Executive Director Peter Murray said. “We are looking forward to Rich Berliner joining us on Tour to moderate on the topic of ‘Getting to Smart’ in buildings and on campuses.”

The Connected Cities tour has hit more than 20 cities during the past two years and has heard from chief information officers and smart city leaders of Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, Orlando, Philadelphia and more.

Fifth Gen Media and Connected Real Estate Magazine will help Dense Networks promote the event and take part in them as well. The first events in 2019 will be held in Miami (January 30), Tampa (February 21) and Denver (March 14). More event information can be found on the Dense Networks website. Additionally, Fifth Gen Media will use its social, print and digital media platforms to promote the topics Dense Networks is highlighting and talking to their attendees about at the events. The joint approach will help more individual who want to know about these topics be, “SMART.”


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