Comba Telecom Adds UHF BDA to its Public Safety Product Line

Wireless solutions provider Comba Telecom, Inc. announced the release of its CriticalPoint™ Public Safety UHF BDA solution at the APCO 2018 84th Annual Conference & Expo.
CriticalPoint UHF BDA supports frequencies from 450MHz to 512MHz and supports INTERNAL one-window or dual-window filters for various passbands within the NEMA 4 enclosure to lower overall costs, reduce installation costs and save space, according to a company release.
Additionally, some of the the award-winning 700/800MHz public safety BDA’s features, like supporting up to 32 narrow band channels (Class A) or four wide-band channels (Class B), Channelized Automatic Level Control and channelized squelch (Class A), will also be a part of the UHF BDA.
NetProtect™ is another new exclusive feature Comba has released. NetProtect lets the BDA automatically turn off the uplink Power Amplfier (PA), so when there’s no traffic activity, there won’t be any “noise” transmitted back to the base station, which helps keep the public safety network clean. The NetProtect feature can be found on both Comba’s latest UHF BDA and its 700/MHz Class A BDA.
CriticalPoint UHF BDA’s additional features include Class A or Class B availability; AC or DC power availability; 36dBm/30dBm/UL Power, 95db Gain (Simplex); SNMP v2 and v3 support/easy-to-use OMT web interface, built-in mandatory isolation test to prevent BDA oscillation and NEMA 4 and NFPA 1221/IFC complaint along with FCC and UL/IC approved.
“We’re proud to add the CriticalPoint UHF BDA in Comba’s public safety product line,” Don Henry, Comba’s Public Safety Program Manager said in a statement. “We have made it our goal to provide public safety solutions that satisfy the strictest codes enforced around the country by AHJs (Authority Having Jurisdiction) and understanding how equally important it is to offer a solution to building owners to minimize costs both from a product standpoint as well as ongoing maintenance.  We strongly believe we have accomplished both with our UHF BDA and are committed to our mission of providing the most affordable, reliable and state of the art products.”
The CriticalPoint UHF (Simplex) BDA Class A and Class B solutions will be shipping in August 2018 in all available configurations. You can find more product information here.
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