Bringing the Internet of Things to Business

Just about everyone has heard how the Internet of Things (IoT) will change lives across the globe by making our homes and buildings more efficient, our cars safer, our food supply more stable, and the air people breathe cleaner. In addition, recent study by 451 Group shows that 65 percent of businesses are using IoT to optimize their services and product offerings. But how can companies get the most from IoT to best benefit their business?

ARTIK, Samsung’s integrated Smart IoT platform, was announced in May 2015, and provides fast, secure, interoperable and intelligent products and services to help organizations quickly turn IoT concepts into a reality. The platform uses a family of highly integrated System on Modules (SOMs) to incorporate processing, memory and wireless connectivity.

The advanced ARTIK Cloud service collects, stores and acts upon data from any device or cloud service, giving businesses the opportunity to gain new insights into how their products are being used. These insights can then be utilized to generate new business opportunities.

All of this is secured with leading edge encryption, secure boot, hardened certificate storage and more, and is equipped with a suite of tools and services for a truly end-to-end platform.

A Focus on Ideas
Businesses are eager to add IoT capabilities to their products, but also understand the challenges of designing and building solutions on their own. By providing organizations with an integrated IoT platform, Samsung is helping companies focus on developing great ideas without having to worry as much about the underlying structure.

Faster Product Development, More Growth
Another challenge with delivering complex IoT solutions is the time, costs and risks associated with such projects. The Samsung ARTIK platform makes it easier to build IoT products and alleviates these challenges by unifying hardware, software, cloud, security and partner ecosystems in a single offering.

Samsung continues to build a strong ecosystem of global distributors, service providers and technology solution partners who can help companies get their IoT solutions to market faster.

For example, Samsung ARTIK partnered with Naver to create a new voice-controlled smart home assistant called AMICA. Likewise, at this year’s Korea Electronics Show, FS Studio shared an amazing demonstration of a spaceship toy that can search for, recognize and respond to different objects. The gadget was built with a powerful neural net and runs on ARTIK.

Furthermore, partners such as, Arduino and Ubuntu, among others, bring powerful tools and capabilities to the ARTIK platform that help to solve real problems that IoT vendors face.

Samsung has also partnered with Arrow and Mujin to distribute ARTIK, adding to its strong distribution partnership with Digi-Key to ensure the platform is available around the globe.

Samsung thinks the future is bright for IoT, and can’t wait to see what you build. Visit to learn more.

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