The indoor wireless data onslaught isn’t coming. It’s here.

Is your commercial building prepared?

For subscribers, super-fast wireless access is essential—everywhere, all the time. Yet, while 80 percent of global wireless data sessions begin and end inside a building, the vast majority of buildings are simply unprepared to support future capacity and coverage needs. And the future is now.

CommScope commissioned a thorough study of building professionals which explored their opinions about adoption of indoor cellular infrastructure. The 12-page report, Wireless in Buildings: What Building Professionals Think, covers:

  • Prevailing attitudes toward indoor wireless
  • Who is responsible to make it happen?
  • Top barriers preventing wireless ubiquity
  • What is the value of indoor connectivity?

Subscriber demand will continue to dictate an ever-expanding appetite for wireless bandwidth. The question is, will you supply the right answer?

Read the Whitepaper and download the full PDF

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