Geoverse to Deploy Private LTE Solution at 7 Cedars Casino

7 cedars casino geoverse

Geoverse, a licensed mobile network operator and private LTE services provider, recently announced it signed a contract with 7 Cedars Casino in Sequim, WA to bring a private LTE solution to casino. The announcement comes after the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) recent approval of the deployment of Citizens Band Radio Services (CBRS). Geoverse is an ideal partner for the 7 Cedars Casino, as the company uses shared CBRS and licensed spectrum to design and operate private LTE services on behalf of enterprises.

The private LTE solution will cover the casino, three restaurants and a new $40 million luxury hotel that is planned to open in May 2020. The network will provide up to five bars of connectivity and support a variety of new applications and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The solution comes at the perfect time for 7 Cedars Casino, as more of its customers want to be connected and had difficulty doing so given the resort’s limited wireless coverage.

“Geoverse has extensive industry experience installing and maintaining carrier-grade wireless networks,” 7 Cedars Casino General Manager Glenn Smithson said in a statement. “They also understand our vision of providing personalized services focused on improving the end-to-end customer experience. Our goal is to provide the best guest experience in the Olympic Peninsula and the Geoverse solution is key to our strategy.”

Casino customers will be connected to guest services via iPads that will be in their rooms or by using apps on their own devices, according to Smithson. 7 Cedars Casino’s other offerings will include digital reservations, mobile check-in, wireless room entry with the customers’ own cell phones and a personal mobile concierge to go along with the wireless service that will be all throughout the casino and hotel.

Geoverse will create and manage the end-to-end Private LTE solution for 7 Cedars Casino. The solution provides highly reliable and secure communication services as well as robust application capabilities for online gaming, smart building applications and IoT devices. Geoverse also has the scalability and flexibility to expand as new buildings are added and to upgrade to next generation functionality such as 5G.

“7 Cedars Casino is a forward-thinking, innovative organization that has a 25-year track record of embracing change to enhance its customer experience and optimize its business,” Geoverse CEO Rod Nelson said in a statement. “Many companies take a wait and see attitude towards new opportunities or technologies but not 7 Cedars. They understand their customers and jumped at the opportunity to provide carrier-grade wireless service in their casino and restaurants. And next summer they are adding an entirely new customer experience with the opening of their luxury hotel.”

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