SureCall Case Study: Florida Senior Living Community

Guardian3 QR public safety signal booster delivers connectivity and NFPA compliance for 160,000-square-foot newly constructed senior community.
About the Client
A large senior living community in Boca Raton, Florida is exceeding expectations by creating a community that allows seniors to continue living the lifestyle they have grown to love. With their new 160,000-square-foot community in southeast Florida, the development is able to deliver top-tier services for assisted living and memory care.
The Challenge
The carefully planned senior living community was constructed with quality in mind. Its dense, floor-to-ceiling concrete wall structure delivered privacy and independence to its community but created cellular challenges for residents and staff.
Quality construction can often complicate cellular penetration and dispersion inside of buildings. Upon inspection the building’s donor signal for the public safety band (800 MHz) was -60 dB, however, the average signal inside of the building was -110 dB. The Fire Inspector’s report indicated this was an unusable cellular signal, and the facility at Boca Raton was in quick need of a solution.
The Solution
In order to open its doors and receive their certificate of occupancy for its eager new residents it was now needing to be NFPA compliant. They needed a cellular solution integrator who could identify and install a solution quickly—without sacrificing reliability or performance.
The cellular experts at Powernet researched their options and chose SureCall for its experience with complex in-building passive DAS designs and reliable, performance driven signal boosters. After a comprehensive review of the project, Powernet installed 4 Guardian3 QR public safety signal boosters with Yagi donor antennas, dome indoor antennas and LMR-600 coaxial cabling.
“Working with SureCall exceeded our expectations. SureCall’s design approach allows for smooth installation and integration into the network and they even went the extra mile to ease the process of working within Palm Beach County jurisdiction.”
– Greg Gerber, Senior Manager Wireless Technologies, Powernet.
As building changes occurred between the time of SureCall’s design and the deployment, Powernet used their expertise to respond with final, onsite adjustments to the design.
“Not only were we able to protect our margins but we were able to keep costs low for the
customer as well. Since installing they have expressed their pleasure with the turnaround time,
product and performance,” explains Gerber.
After installing the SureCall system, the customer’s previously very poor signal had improved significantly with average signal strength between -65 dB and -70 dB throughout the entire facility. Even better, it was able to pass the Fire Inspector’s second inspection with 100-percent in-building coverage for the critical 800 MHz band.
About Powernet
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