WeWork isn’t the only commercial real estate company acquiring an arsenal of technology firms. MRI Software which has bought more than ten proptech firms in the past two years announced it acquired  three more coveted proptech firms Leverton, ProLease and ...
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wework spaceiq
Co-working space provider WeWork recently announced it added workplace real estate management and operations company SpaceIQ to its enterprise technology suite. The solution helps companies manage everything from space planning to global portfolio optimization. With the acquisition, WeWork looks to ...
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alexa iot
Amazon Inc. is not just the biggest player in the cloud provider space. The e-commerce giant is also making significant inroads to take a dominant position in the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace - making IoT more than just an ...
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tina lichens
As women scale to new heights in the commercial real estate industry, they are not only changing their standing but also the elevating the industry as a whole.  Among them is 18-year veteran and trailblazer, Tina Lichens, Chief Operating Officer ...
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By now, many commercial real estate owners know, and have accepted, that they must have a reliable wireless network in their building in order to attract and retain tenants. As individuals and businesses alike rely more heavily on wireless devices ...
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fifth wall
Real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield announced it formed a strategic partnership with proptech venture capital firm Fifth Wall. The firm, which generates collaboration between innovative technologies for the built world and incumbents from numerous sectors of the real ...
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texas t-mobile
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently joined the group of state attorneys general who filed a lawsuit to stop the proposed T-Mobile-Sprint merger, The Wall Street Journal reports. The total of Attorneys General opposing the deal is now 15. A ...
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tower operators
DISH Network Corp.'s entry into the wireless industry may be a boon for wireless tower operators as the new carrier ramps up efforts to build its own 5G network. DISH announced plans to buy $5 billion worth of assets and ...
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jll flex space
The commercial office flex space market is muscling its way into the future and a one-size-fits-all approach will not work for commercial real estate owners in the near future.  Flex space will occupy 30% of the commercial office space market ...
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dish network
Dish Network’s visions of becoming a major wireless carrier in the U.S. became a little clearer after the Justice Department approved the T-Mobile-Sprint $26 billion merger last week. The carriers got the DOJ’s approval after they agreed to sell parts ...
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The Citizens Band Radio Service’s (CBRS) impending arrival and availability continues to be one of the most discussed topics in the commercial real estate industry. Last week, the CBRS Alliance held a meeting in San Diego to discuss where things ...
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colony capital
Global investment management firm Colony Capital recently acquired Digital Bridge for $325 million, the companies announced in a release. The acquisition is part of Colony Capital’s evolution into, “a leading owner and investment manager of assets, businesses and investment management ...
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facilio proptech
Contributed Content Translating Proptech from buzzword to decisive competitive advantage is trickier than one might anticipate at first. Given the huge array of options now available for the contemporary CRE owner and facilities management operation, simply deciding to ally with ...
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SoftBank Fund
Apple said to be among Vision Fund II’s top investors. SoftBank Group Corp. recently announced its plans to deploy a new private investment fund, “Vision Fund II”. The fund’s objective is to, “facilitate the continued acceleration of (Artificial Intelligence) revolution ...
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CBRS spectrum sharing
The much-awaited initial commercial deployments of the 3.5 GHz  Citizens Broadband Radio Service band are finally approaching the finish line. The final test reports from the first group of Spectrum Access System (SAS) administrators including Federated Wireless, CommScope and Google ...
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fish tank cyber private lte
While the house usually wins on the casino floor, it's the hackers who are winning on the network. At least that was the fate of an unnamed U.S. casino infiltrated by hackers via a newly added thermostat to its fish ...
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google toronto
A division of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, has proposed a “smart city” in Toronto that it says will create thousands of jobs and decrease greenhouse-gas emissions. However, the project has met resistance from the project’s government sponsor, The Wall ...
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facebook hudson yards
Facebook is looking to lease 1 million square feet of office space in a currently under-construction skyscraper in Manhattan, according to people familiar with the situation, The Wall Street Journal reports. The social media giant’s office space would be in ...
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Hackers have stolen call records from more than ten global Telecom providers as part of a massive-scale espionage attempt against at least 20 individuals, according to Israeli-US intelligence firm Cybereason. An ongoing multi-year cyber attack campaign tied to China dubbed ...
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The commercial real estate industry created $326 billion in wages and supported 8.3 million U.S. jobs directly contributing a whopping $1.34 trillion to the U.S. GDP last year according to data released in an annual study the Commercial Real Estate ...
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industrial real estate
While industrial real estate has lagged in the adoption of technology compared with other CRE sectors that trend is about to change. The demand for industrial real estate has been driven by double-digit growth in e-commerce sales and is expected ...
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Members of the Millennial and Gen Z generations are rapidly changing the delivery and provision of modern health care, and they are starting with the physician’s office.  According to a recent survey, 97% of patients stated they are frustrated by ...
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